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a local man’s inspired idea for a pilgrimage

one man rounded up the parish and off we set in convoys of boats to an island off the coast to honour the Red Monk, beheaded there in the 1600s. a beautiful experience – enjoying the rugged wildness of the island followed by a period of reflection and silence while Fr Ryan said mass to commenorate to honour and […]

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Manson’s surprise birthday…

…party. Manson, the larger than life living legend whose roars at his sheep (Daphne! Mildred!) are heard from Eagle Hill to Staigue Fort House was honoured with a surprise 65th birthday party on his actual birthday, 15 June. Sharon’s idea, she organised everything beautifully – the band, the invites, his best mate over from the […]

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mellow misty autumn days

now that October is here, we enter the dreamy quiet smokey late Autumn. Gourmet mushrooms growing in the woods. Night skies getting longer and darker. A good time to go exploring for rock art as the summer growth dies down.  

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Dont mess with the baldies

dont mess with the baldies

  We all enjoyed the sham wedding the last few years at Staigue Fort House so this year were going to have a night of music and fun. this Saturday 18th August at Staigue Fort House 10 euro entry fee chinese lantern ceremony @ midnight 3 euro a lantern!! dont mess with the baldies is to […]

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