Cáit na Pluaise

Cait na Pluaise's

between a rock and a hard place

Cait na Pluaise's ledge in distance

ledge in the distance

On the Kerry Way, between Staigue Fort House and Caherdaniel, at Bracaragh, a striking rock ledge can be seen to your right. Access to this ledge can be dangerous as there are bog-holes in the area. It was in this rock ledge that Cáit, a widow, took refuge following her eviction from her home after the famine. That would have been circa 1850. Here she reared her 7 children.

She was known by all who traveled on the main road, now part of the Kerry Way, as she would run out to beg from passers by. She became known as Cáit na Pluaise – Kate of the Cave. To this day, limpet and periwinkel shells in the deep recesses of the ledge pay testimony to the family’s poverty.

One of her children, a son, got a scholarship to university and went on to became a teacher. When asked what kind of a house he came from, he would say, “I come from a house with a roof of one slate.”

Designed by Aoibheann Lambe