Bunaneer Castle

Castlecove Castle also known as Bunaneer CastleCastle Cove/Caisleán Bhun Inbhir also known as Bunaneer Castle.

The ruins of the castle of Castle Cove, a tower house known as Castle Cove/Caisleán Bhun Inbhir or Bunaneer Castle is just a few minutes walk down the road from Staigue Fort House. It is at the seaside by Bunaneer Beach. Access to the castle is not permitted at present.

It consists of a rectangular tower house built of split stone rubble laid in a mortar which contains beach pebble and marine shells. Only parts of the ground and first floor remain. A stair indicates the presence of a second floor.

Tradition credits both the O’Sullivan Mores and the Brennans with the building of this tower house. In 1641, a skirmish took place in a nearby field, “Droumfaddy”, between O’Sullivan More’s forces and a party of Cromwellians.

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